Scar Removal

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Thanks to laser technology, patients can now do something about bothersome and prominent scars that are the result of surgery, a traumatic wound, or burn. Our Cynosure 1540 laser is FDA cleared for the treatment of scars and works effectively to resurface the skin, smooth and improve the color and texture of a scar over a series of treatments


The laser does this by delivering fractionated pulses of light to your area of concern causing micro-injuries, which kickstart your body’s natural healing response to stimulate the production of collagen. As collagen forms and your skin begins to repair itself, visible signs of scarring are improved over a period of weeks to months.


For optimal results, we recommend treating scars immediately after the skin in the affected area and the scar is healed. While laser resurfacing works on a variety of skin types, it may not be an appropriate treatment for everyone and we don’t treat patient with keloid scars. Dr. Kujok will do an assessment to determine if laser resurfacing to treat your scar is the appropriate course of action


While there is no downtime, you may experience a little redness, minor swelling and sensitivity in the area treated for a few days following treatment. We recommend at least four treatments performed three to four weeks apart to increase the percentage of improvement.

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At Elegance MD Aesthetic Center, Dr. Kujok and his team use Cynosure 1540 cleared for the treatment of scars and works effectively to resurface the skin.

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I’m having laser treatments to improve my facial skin. So far after only few sessions I see significant improvement. I’m very pleased with results and highly recommend to work with Dr. Kujok. His office employees are very friendly and welcome. I will definitely continue working with Dr. Kujok in the future. I discovered my home here.

Anna H.